Association "Child's Heart"

Main goals: 

  • Work for improvement of the quality of life of children with cardiac and other chronic diseases.
  • Assure children and their families with psychological, social and health support;
  • Work for their adequate integration in the society;
  • Decrease social isolation of the families with child with chronic diseases;
  • Make their problems and possibilities more popular.


  • Psycho-social counselling: - professional psychological, social, medical, law and family consultations for chronically ill children and their families;
  • Club activities e.g. “Young heart” – includes young people over 18, who underwent heart surgery in childhood;
  • Rehabilitation programmes;
  • Seminars about psychosocial problems and integration. Support trough the association team to create local services for families with chronically ill child.


Mila Markova
Sofia 1609 
3 Lakov Kraikov Str.
Email: as_childs_heart(at) 
Phone: + 359 2 953 28 66

Child’s Heart Association Dobrich

Main goals:

  • To meet the needs of a part of Bulgarian children and their families;
  • To support children in unequal situation due to their disease;
  • To facilitate the social integration of the children and their relatives.


  • Psychological consulting and psychotherapy;
  • Program for public awareness of the psycho-social issues of children with heart diseases and involvement of specific public circles for social integration facilitation;
  • Forming skills and willingness for team work with children with heart diseases, training programs, seminars, instruction modules for parents, teachers and physicians (Club “Parent”, summer holiday for the children);
  • Social protection and financial support for children and their families, especially during crisis stages of the disease (patronage, one-time financial grant, legal advice);
  • Helping children in their professional orientation; · Complete health insurance through a specialized cardiologic consulting for determined groups (children over 18 years old, pregnant women, etc.).

Email: ads(at) / y.yovev(at) 
Phone: +359 898590393